We Will Have A Saint On The Kardashians……

Reality star Kim Kardashian West and her rapper husband Kanye West just welcomed their second child into the world on Saturday, December 5th, 2015. He is the first son, and the younger brother to their daughter North West. After a lot of complications that lead the couple to needing to use IVF in order to conceive the second time, it was revealed early this year that there would be another West baby on the way. He was born a few weeks before his due date, thanks to some more pregnancy complications that Kardashian West suffered from, must the same as she did with her first delivery. He was born naturally and actually spent the first three days of his life without a name.

It was revealed just last night, December 7th that Kardashian West and West decided to bestow the young man with the name Saint. There was a lot of speculation as to whether they were planning on going with another direction name, as they did with their daughter, something like South West, but in the end, they went a different route. This could possibly be due to Kanye West’s apparent and quite obvious need to remind the world that he feels he is the greatest person in the world.

Throughout Kim’s pregnancy, she was not shy about talking about the many complications she had encountered, such as gaining too much weight (once again) and he was actually in the breech position until just recently, leading to the doctors attempting to turn him while in the uterus so she would not have a c-section. It turns out that everything worked out fine, he was able to turn himself, and he was delivered naturally, though not without a few complications that she had also gone through in her first delivery as well.

Saint West joins a large family of Kardashian Jenners that includes four aunts, a number of uncles, two grandmothers, and three cousins. The entire family is mostly in reality television, though some of the aunts are also into other things such as fashion and some business ownership. Being born into such a famous family, there is much to assume about how Saint West’s life will be like. Having famous parents will likely bring him into the spotlight a lot and they will need to watch out for paparazzi if they are looking for any privacy.

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