The Force Is Still Strong

Since 1977, the Star Wars universe has been making fanboys and fangirls crave for the next bit of news. George Lucas’ genius idea of a galaxy far far away, filled with creatures, heroes, and villains, has made a mark on Hollywood, and a mark on society in general. There are now grown men and women who are excited to see the newest Star Wars movie in theaters, with their children. These are the same people who saw the original movies in theaters when they were just young ones as well.

Though it has been around for decades, the magic that Star Wars brings people is still there. Many people enjoy the scientific nature of the series, thanks to the aliens, robots, and other planets that are being seen in each and every movie. It has spawned comic books, toys, clothing, television series, video games, and more in the time that is has been a part of this world. And now, with the newest movie set to come out in just one week, it is by far, already racking up a lot of attention from its fandom.

Besides the scientific element of the series, it also holds strong themes of chivalry, family, political science, a bit of love, and even some class system problems thrown in there as well. It shows some messy aspects of family, as well as how politics and erode people and a society. And let us not forget the ever present theme of good versus evil, right versus wrong. These two things carry out throughout the whole episode and shape each character in their own way.

While Star Wars may have come out decades ago, it is a series that has prevailed time and again, and is constantly welcoming new fans into its folds all the time. There are always new conventions that fans are attending, new games they are playing, and now with the new movie, there is a sense of Star Wars mania that has not been seen for many years. It only stands to reason that this film will be one of the biggest blockbuster hits this year and perhaps this decade even. With so much to offer a large group of people, there will always be something for everyone to enjoy. No matter what reason they originally got into the fandom for. It is a gift that will keep on giving, for many years to come.

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