“Penny” From Big Bang Splitting Up With……

Many Kaley Cuoco fans were surprised earlier this year when she announced that she and her husband, tennis star Ryan Sweeting were separated and getting a divorce. She famously tied the note in a surprise wedding in 2013 and had added her husband’s last name to her own. While the reason for the divorce was cited as irreconcilable differences, the entertainment world has already started to produce rumors of an affair with her onscreen husband, Johnny Galecki, though both have shot that down. Regardless of the reason for it, it has already been in the works for a few months now.

The one bright spot in this situation is the fact that they had indeed signed a prenuptial agreement, protecting both of their assets. Though, due to this, Sweeting will now get spousal support in an unnamed amount, as her assets are over $45 million and his whole net worth is only a very small $2 million. These agreements are made to make a possible divorce go smoothly and more efficiently as there will be no fighting in court over any possible dealings.

Kaley Cuoco famously made her television debut on the sitcom 8 Simple Rules and has thus gone on to star in the very popular The Big Bang Theory. Ryan Sweeting on the other hand is a professional tennis player who was born in the Bahamas. They got engaged in September of 2013 after just dating for three months, and then were married just two months after that. Perhaps some of their problems could have stemmed from a whirlwind relationship, dating to engagement to wedding, and they just hadn’t properly gotten to know one another.

After the divorce was announced, Cuoco wiped all evidence of him off of her social media accounts and dropped his last name from her hyphenated one. He on the other hand just deleted all of his social media accounts. She is still active on hers now and is very busy between work and recreation. Whatever the true reason for their divorce is, should stay between them, as it is private. It is always a sad situation when a couple decides to take that step, and for such a young couple indeed, it makes it even more heart breaking. Wishing both parties in this divorce the very best in the future and hoping that they will be able to bounce back after the media storm they have had to endure.

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