Racy Or Beauty? These Breast Feeding Mom’s Are Blowing Up The Internet!

Woman sitting on the floor of her home breastfeeding her small baby while her toddler plays on the floor next to her.

It’s funny to think about the public’s reaction to breasts when taken outside the context of sex. Women’s are portrayed as sexual objects. The assumption seems to be that, because pleasure is derived from a woman’s breasts and vagina, these parts can’t also serve a function beyond stimulating pleasure.

There are many reasons for this misconception, of course. We live in a highly sexualized culture. It promotes the objectification of women in every realm, and this has been pervasive and longstanding. So while we have an individual responsibility to question these norms and think beyond them, it’s important to at least acknowledge the difficulty of moving beyond them as a collective.

So what is the best way to tackle this issue? We have to use the same method. Expose society to a different norm that allows for the human right of women to express themselves.

U.S gym chain Equinox is trying to do just that. They created a campaign this year called “Commit to Something” in which one of their seven images depicts model Lydia Hearst pretending to breastfeed twins in a high-end restaurant. See the campaign on the next page.

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