Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Quest

Perhaps one of the best actors of his generation, Leonardo DiCaprio has made his mark on Hollywood, and there are very few people who can say that they think he does not deserve the attention that he gets. He has been in a number of big budget films, including Inception, Titanic, Catch Me if You Can, and The Great Gatsby. And that is really just a few of them. He has made himself a household name and continues to produce quality movies no matter what role he takes on.

Leo was born in 1974 in California, but did not hit the acting stage until he was five when he started taking small commercial roles. He finally was cast on television in a short lived series in 1990. After that, he was finally able to score small roles in movies, where he quickly made a name for himself. Perhaps the movie that really through him into the Hollywood scene was Romeo and Juliet where he played Romeo to Clair Danes’ Juliet. When he took the role as Jack in Titanic, he also took the hearts of ladies all over the world.

Since then, he blossomed into a start that can play pretty much any role. He can do action, terror, suspense, mystery, and more. Through all the years and all the many roles he has taken on, he has not once won an Oscar, which many people feel is a tragedy, given how well he acts in every movie. This will hopefully change as he is nominated for Best Actor again for his role as Hugh Glass in “The Revenant”.

Outside of acting, Leo is a huge environmentalist and brings to the public eye, many issues that need to be talked about. He has donated money to many different charities that have to do with keeping wildlife safe, water clean, and the like. Not only is he an activist for environmental change, but he is a huge advocate of the LGBT community where he regularly speaks out in favor of equality and making sure that they can live the life that everyone else does.

While the public may not have seen much from him in the past year, he is still out there, making a few movies and being the activist that he was meant to be. Though he started as a child star, he is certainly one who has made something of himself, something to be proud of, no matter who you are.

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