Lebron’s Ever Expanding Empire

Basketball great Lebron James just made a staggering partnership deal with Nike this week. He signed on to a lifetime deal with the sporting goods giant. This deal marks one of the largest endorsement deals with an athlete from this very famous brand name. He has been a spokesperson for the last twelve years, so it is not a new contract, just a much more extended one. Though the price they are paying is not being released, it is safe to assume that it is quite a pretty penny, considering it will be for many years.

No other athlete in the history of Nike can say that they have a lifetime partnership with them. They have long contracts, like ten years, but nothing so permanent. It is certainly a great honor to have such a thing, and James knows this. He has repeatedly stated that it gives him great pleasure to be able to be the spokesperson for such a great and commendable brand name.

Other brands have made similar deals, like Adidas with Derrick Rose and David Beckham, this is the first time Kike has ever done anything like this before. It is not only history for them, but of all Lebron James fans as well. He has been one of the top spokespeople for the brand, racking in a large number of revenues since he signed on with them, so it is safe to assume that over the course of his life, he will certainly be bringing the sporting goods name brand a lot more revenue.

This only hammers in the fact that Lebron James is not just a basketball player, but he is also quite the businessman. He has a lot of fingers in many other pies, including Chicago and Miami, and he has been able to become one of the fastest growing names and athletes in the past few years. It is certainly not unseen, but it is still just as amazing to watch. When all is said and done, when James retires for the NBA, he will be well on his way to being one of the richest athletes in history given this new lifetime partnership with Nike. It will be interesting to see just how these two take their new deal and make it work for everyone involved. Only time will tell if it was a great move on Nike’s part to bring him in for life.

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