Kobe Bryant and His $680,000,000 NBA Career

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers announced recently that he will retire from the game of basketball after he finishes this season. While many fans are of course sad, it brings in a new life for him and something he can now close the book on and move forward. And he will not be moving on empty handed, he is coming away with a very high career income and a few titles that cannot be taken away from him.

After twenty years in the game of professional basketball, and five NBA Championship titles, Kobe Bryant will no longer be a player. Like the greats before him, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’Neal, and more, he will go down in history as one of the best players the league ever saw. At 37 years old, it is not uncommon to decide to be done with the game, after two years plagued with injury that kept him out of many games, he is making the noble decision to leave on his terms, when he wants, and it was not a choice that he made lightly either.

While he spent much of his career being compared the Jordan, and will end it with one less championship ring than Jordan did, he will in fact walk away with more money in the end. When Jordan retired, he had bankrolled $465 million over his entire career in the NBA. As for Kobe Bryant, he will be walking away with a $680 million legacy. This amount includes endorsements and playing salary as well. While you have to adjust for inflation to compare the two, he still leads with over 40 million dollars more than Jordan had accumulated when he was still playing the game.

With his retirement, Bryant will walk away with another title that of the most money a player has been given while playing. Thanks to his many sponsors, he has been able to rack up a large amount of endorsement money. It also helps that he was in a few different Olympic Games, giving him more sponsorships, more titles, and more money in the end.

Though he will be done after this season, the world will most likely still see him around, as many retired players go on to host sports shows or do more charitable work. All basketball fans can be happy to say that they lived to see him player, as well as take the title of highest paid basketball star title from the great Michael Jordan.

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