How Does Harry Potter Help You Kids To Become More Tolerance?

If you grew up in the late 1990 and early 2000s, then you will have certainly heard of Harry Potter. The book series which features a young boy of eleven, who finds out he is a wizard, which then sets off a whole chain reaction of events, is one of the most famous series in the world today. It can easily rival the Star Wars fandom, and it continues to grow as young children today are reading and discovering the world of Harry Potter.

Written by JK Rowling, the books series focuses on an orphaned boy who finds out he is a wizard. This leads to him going to a magical school, where he will learn how to use his powers and what else is out there in the magical world. Along the way he makes friends, finds enemies, and learns more about his past, while also learning more about his future and where it will eventually lead. With seven books and eight movies, the Harry Potter fandom has yet to die down. One reason for this could be the secrets that author JK Rowling will still give out over Twitter. The story of Harry Potter will never truly end, and no one in the fandom would want it to.

The books tackled many hard issues and helped children understand them in a way that even now, some adults do not know how to do. Rowling filled the books with metaphors for AIDS and the isolation that AIDS patients dealt with in the 90s, there were themes of love and death, sacrifice, the loss of innocence, being an orphan, and also the fact that war takes victims that should not have been lost. Throw in forgiveness and loyalty, and you have a storyline for the ages.

With these issues that were brought up in the books, it is no wonder that many studies have found that children who read these books while they were growing up, especially those in their formative years, are more likely to be understanding of all different groups of people today and be more empathetic, and less likely to bully and hate for no reason. If there is one thing that Rowling taught the world, it is that through a boy of just eleven years old, growing up with nothing and living in a cupboard, if he can change the world, than why can’t anyone else?

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