Highest Paid Actress Calling Out Sexism In Hollywood

One of the actresses taking the world by storm in recent years is Jennifer Lawrence. Born in 1990, she is one of the hottest actresses that you can see in many different movies that are out now. She is of course the star of The Hunger Games trilogy movies and has had an ongoing role as the young Mystique in the recent X-Men movies as well. Born in Kentucky, she is the daughter of a camp manager and a construction worker, and she as definitely made her mark on Hollywood.

One of Jennifer Lawrence’s first works was on a television show that lasted for only three years. But it wasn’t until 2008 that she got her first movie role in Garden Party though it was still a few more years before her name became a house hold name. It wasn’t until 2010 when she scored the leading role in Winter’s Bone when she was critically acclaimed and even scored an Oscar nomination for Best Actress that year at the awards.

Aside from doing the X-Men movies as well as The Hunger Games, she has branched out into many other roles in films, that were all critically acclaimed, and even Oscar nominated. Movies such as Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle gave her a bigger onscreen presence and showed the world that she could be in movies that were not sequels or trilogies, and definitely not in the young adult category. She has since taken other roles where she plays strong female characters who are out for their own justice.

Recently, she made headlines by calling out the sexism in Hollywood in regards to the pay gap that is seen between men and women in the industry. Writing an essay and calling out all of the disparities in the industry has certainly got her name in headlines. She has actually received a lot of support for her views, both by other female actors and male actors as well. She is hoping to change the way that actors are paid, bringing a more fair pay system to movies and television so there is no longer this large pay gap between them.

Whatever she sets out to do, Jennifer Lawrence seems to be able to accomplish it all. She is fearless, beautiful, and someone who is easily set up to be one of the best actresses of the future, regardless of where she started out.

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