David Price and His $217,000,000 Contract

David Price now has the honor of calling himself a Boston Red Sox player. Though he has been in the major league for awhile, he has even earned five All-Star selections and an American League Cy Young award from the years that he has been in the game of baseball. He just now signed a seven year contract with Boston for $217 million in earnings. This contract could just make him the highest paid pitcher in the league now. This is quite a chunk of change for the young man on the mound.

Yearly, Price will be earning roughly $31 million a year with this new contract. The only other player in the league who is earning that high of a salary is the all start hitter from the Detroit Lions, Miguel Cabrera. Price’s title of highest paid pitcher could change with other pitchers looking to sign contracts with other teams this week. Besides Boston, Price has also played for the Toronto Blue Jays and Tigers in the past, where he earned his titles and his infamy as a hot young pitcher in the game.

When he first entered the league, he played for the Tampa Bay Rays, and in this time, he earned his Cy Young Award in 2012. Boston is hoping that they will be able to have a better season and make it to the post series games and even the World Series with his fiery arm. They have not had the best streak in the past few years, and they are hoping this contract can help out not only them, but Price as well. He is not the only player that was signed recently to the team either. They are staking up a good team for the upcoming season next year.

With David Price now on the team, all Boston Red Sox fans are really looking forward to seeing just how he can better the team, and how the team will be able to better him as a player as well. There is always a give and take in any team and even though he is just the pitcher, it does not mean that he will not be able to thrive on a new team. For the next seven years, the whole league and the fans of the Red Sox will certainly be watching to see if it was a good choice for the team management to make.

– Boston Herald

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