Charlie and His Girls

Charlie Sheen has had a long track record of having quite a few ups and downs in his personal life. After he and ex wife Denise Richards got divorced, he kept up quite a string of girlfriends coming in and out of his life. His romantic past is now in the news a lot because of his recent announcement of being HIV positive. Over all, there are rumored to be around thirty different women that have been connected to him, in just the last seven years or so.

While he may have been a great actor in his day, he has made a few bad choices which lead him down a bad path. Many of these women have since spoken out in support of Charlie Sheen since he made his announcement. Many of them have also announced that they themselves are HIV negative and that they actually knew about his diagnosis, which he has known about for the last four years.

It was quite a nice thing to see such support of this man who may not have made a lot of good choices. It shows just how much respect many of his past significant others have had for him. These women obviously are not looking for anything from this, or there would have been a lot of talk about these women trying to get things from him. They have repeatedly said that they are not a monster and that it takes a lot of bravery to make the announcement publically and take it to the face of the Hollywood.

Charlie Sheen may have had many girlfriends over the course of the last few years. While he was married once before, and has a few children, he may have made a few mistakes in his romantic life. After making some unfortunate choices, and getting his HIV diagnosis, Charlie Sheen is looking to live a better life, out in the open now, with whatever girlfriends he may have in the future. One thing is for sure, those that he has had in the past are not made at him for where he is at in life, and many are commending the man for doing what is right and coming clean to the world. It really is a very encouraging sight to see many women who could make a large fuss about it, instead support him and help make his life a little easier.

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